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tactile, sound and visual device for the project plethora for edcd18

A series of puffs with different external textiles and different fillings of recycled materials generate various sensory reactions in the user.

On the one hand the textile gives us a concrete touch and the visibility or not of the interior, and on the other hand the fillings generate sounds when they collide with each other and generate visual textures and provide us also color.

Puffs are ready

The puffs prepared for their first squeezing

Used puffs

The appearance of the puffs after they have been used

Talking about experiences

The interaction generates different experiences that are commented with the users

Kids playing with puffs

Due to all the interaction they turn out to be very fun devices for children

More experiences

The experience ends up including color elements such as balloons and shapes as well as glasses to give the device another way to experience it

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